Tuesday, May 27, 2008

what causes the extinction of coral

According to “Coral Crisis: Global warming, trawling, pollutants threaten the world’s coral population” by Kurt Lofe (April 21, 2008), coral, which is an important factor in the ocean environment, has been damaged in different extents because of the rising of the temperature of the ocean and some human activities. This problem will cause chain reaction such as storm and thousands of fish and plants will die. So scientists are researching useful methods to protect coral from extinction, and they hope people become aware of this serious problem.

The damage and extinction of any kind of life is a serious problem to the environment. The reason for this is that extinction will cause storms on the ocean frequently and cut off the food chain, which is going to cause global environmental problem. Certainly, it is harmful to human sooner or later.

The rising of the temperature of the ocean is one of the most important factors that causes the damage and extinction of coral. And it is probably induced by greenhouse effects, which have confused humans for certain years and is becoming more serious, even though scientists have already found many methods to control it and all countries are following them. However, the development of industry, which is considered as the source of carbon dioxide and some other harmful gases, cannot be stopped. So that governments begin to invent new energy, which will release fewer polluted air or is harmless to environment.

Second, water pollution from human activities also influence the situation of the damage of coral and other lives in the ocean. Acidic oxides and chemical lasers are really hard for us to solve in a short time, and have already made varieties of animals and plants under the ocean experience extinction. According to the article, coral is a key link in the food chain in the ocean. Its existence relates to thousands of fish’s lives. Filter the polluted water will be an effective method but the cost of the process is still a problem we cannot deal.

In addition, everyone should pay attention on these problems and rule our activities. Maybe coral seems far away from our daily life, but it is just a beginning and our human life will be destroyed if we still ignore them. Trying our best to protect the environment, such as use less water, smoke less cigarettes, do not throw batteries anywhere. Certainly, all of these details will save our future life.

In conclusion, everything in the world, to different extent, has relationship directly or indirectly. Human cannot live without other lives, if we do not become aware of and protect them, what we did now will damage ourselves in the future.

Loft, K. (2008, April 21). Coral Crisis: Global warming, trawling, pollutants threaten the world's coral population. journalow.com. Retrieved on May 20, 2008, from: http://www2.journalnow.com/content/2008/apr/21/coral-crisis-global-warming-trawling-pollutants-th/?living

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ljukir Pot

This work of art that is made of clay is from Northeastern Nigeria. It was made in 1950s and is about 20cm high with the colour is grey. I couldn't find anyting special from the appearence.However, it was used as a holy stuff. Traditionally, most male in that country kept this kind of pot near their pillow. For the reason is that they thought the spirit would leave the body when people are sleeping in the night. And the spirit could stay in the pot where is not far away from the body. The background of the pot is interesting because it has a relation with the religion in that country. And many tribes in that area were Christians . In addition, this kind of pot is made by women, especially, the wives of blacksmiths in villages. Some of the pot are still in use nowadays.